Beam H20

Types and basic parameters

Our I beam BDK consists of two shelves — top and bottom, connected with polyurethane glue with increased water resistance and a special lock “thorn-groove”. Shelves have beams are made from such wood species as spruce, pine, and here stands made from plywood or moisture-resistant three-layer shield.

Our company produces the beam in three types:

Beam WS20 TOP


Beam WS20 Premium


Beam WS20 Classic


Advantages of our products

Advantages of our products

Quite a lot of advantages there is in order to use these products in construction. The most important I would like to mention:

Company RION BDK beam is high quality, so you can use them to create formwork for large areas of slab, since the load capacity of such elements is quite high. To reduce the number of parts of the floor, we recommend you to use a beam BDK-1, manufactured by our company. This will not only reduce the cost of the company’s resources, but also enhance its profitability. If necessary, the beam can be mend. To do this, only washed down the locks and use the most simple bolts.
Beam BDK-1 has no shrinkage, does not crack or become unstuck, and prolonged use does not occur deformation.
Beam BDK, the price of which varies from the chosen classification, resistant to mechanical and environmental effects.
It is an environmentally friendly material because it is made of natural wood.
All items are lightweight, so installation will not cause difficulties. In this case, increases the profitability of the construction and considerably accelerates the process of erection.

Beam H20

Beam BDK 1 as promotional products

The RION company values every client, therefore, uses an individual approach to each. We offer our clients the application of advertising on the BBC I-beam-1 at the request of the customer layout. For example: we are ready to contain all the required information about your company: E-mail, phone number, web site, etc.

Our specialists will answer all your questions and give you a full consultation will select the required number of I-beams BDK-1 for the construction of an object. We work quickly and efficiently, so are a reliable partner in the construction market.

Beam H20

Transport and storage


Indoor transported by road or rail.


Storage is carried out:
1. In a way that eliminates deflection and residual deformation, are placed on wooden strips in stacks.
2. Covered from direct sunlight, precipitation or indoors (GOST 15150).

The film on the pallet is the transport and storage can be carried out without it.
It prohibits the dumping of goods during loading and unloading!