Beam WS20 classicBeam WS20 Classic

To create the beam are selected good materials, complying with all modern standards and requirements.

  • As a material for the beam WS20 Classic acts 1-2 grade timber, partially oriented.
  • To perform the rack, for this type of beams is taken plywood WBP, FC or 24-27 mm leading Russian manufacturers
    Apply polyurethane glue polyurethane glue type uniform, applies “KIILTO KESTOPUR 1010”, Finland. the use of the composition for wooden surfaces. The use of this glue is optimal, because it is perfect, can be used for load-bearing parts of structures (wood), meets all regulations and requirements. Is the quality standard EN 301/302, which is a full guarantee of quality. Träteknisk Norsk Institutt (NTI), 2009.
  • To give the desired qualities used treated with antiseptic from Finland with the components of the brand “TIKKURILA”. The obtained protective layer retains its purpose up to 5 years.
    Also protects the ends. To do this, use a special water-resistant varnish from the category of GM-46Т (GALAMIX-46Т) VD-AK-146.

Beam WS20 classic