Laminated plywood for formwork

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Wide application of laminated plywood in various industries has today become a familiar and quite popular. Our company offers high-quality laminated plywood of several types. The company’s specialists have huge experience in it procurement and implementation. We guarantee the quality of its product, the stability and reliability of supply. All the products offered by us are certified.

A bit of history

Manufacturing process plywood is a complex and multi-stage, since each stage is associated with the adherence to precision manufacturing techniques. The first machines, which carried out the processing of wood in veneer and then plywood was patented in the 18th century in Russia. Since the beginning of invention of technological processing has not changed, though improved and updated. Modernization has also affected the process of working on the machines, which today is fully automated, which reduces manual labor, resulting in the final product quality has improved significantly.

Manufacture of film faced plywood is complex and multifaceted, and the quality of the products depends on the maximum definition of the production technology. The use of low quality material can result in poor condition of surfaces or floors of buildings. Quality plywood not only provides an attractive appearance of the treated surface, but efficiency and rationality of construction.

Characteristics and features

Laminated plywood

Plywood is a building material made by gluing several thin layers of wood (birch, poplar, pine, beech, etc.), called peeled veneer. This material is created in the form of tape of a predetermined width.

In our time of technological processes for the production of plywood are constantly improving, and consumers are offered the updated product of excellent quality.

To improve the quality of plywood, its water resistance, the production process uses chemical solvents, among them:

  • lucky;
  • paint;
  • resin.

Laminated water-resistant plywood has a number of advantages and is in great demand in many spheres of human activity.

Moisture-proof laminated plywood for formwork has wide range of applications in:

  • the manufacture of furniture;
  • the arrangement of various facilities;
  • the production boats;
  • automotive and car building industry.

One of the main applications of this material is construction, where its main purpose is the manufacture of formwork slabs and columns. Plywood of this type is water-resistant material, it is coated on both sides with special polymer film, and the ends treated with water-resistant paint based on acrylic.

It is used for the arrangement of foundations, walls, and also found its wide application in the finishing of warehouses, commercial buildings and in monolithic construction. This strong, durable and reliable material used in the construction of bridges and tunnels.

The surface of the laminated plywood is characterized by high resistance to aggressive media, temperature extremes and excellent moisture-resistant qualities, making use while working with concrete surfaces. The formwork of plywood so fairly light compared to the standard shuttering boards. This factor is of considerable importance in the transportation of the material. Laminated plywood, price of which is unusual, is economically advantageous construction product.

Enjoys great popularity and laminated plywood coloured with a variety of colors, blends perfectly with other building materials. Such types of plywood can be purchased in our company upon reservation.

Types of plywood vary depending on the length, width and thickness. The thickness of this material varies from 3 to 40 mm. For interior decoration, production of furniture products and construction used plywood laminated 18 mm. This wood-and-tile material, of specified thickness, durable and reliable.

Moisture resistant laminated 12 mm plywood is often made of birch and is amenable to grinding. It’s used to make boxes, covers, internal partitions, used for the production of furniture for bathrooms and garden furniture.

Monolithic construction

The development of monolithic construction gains more and more popularity today. In the process of building such structures are also important high-quality formwork system, consisting of a solid metal frame and laminated plywood. High-quality plywood has a smooth and well-painted surface with the ends against access of moisture.

Repeated use of this material is caused by these properties. Modern automated production lines allow to manufacture the plywood in the shortest possible time and in accordance with clients ‘ requests.

Our proposals

Our company for a number of years working in the field of implementation of laminated plywood, proved to be a reliable and responsible partner. Laminated plywood, which you can buy from us at an affordable price, is of excellent quality and durability. Which is better plywood sizes and the price presented on our website, anytime you can get acquainted with these indicators and to choose the most suitable option. We offer laminated plywood with smooth or mesh surface, depending on the scope of its further exploitation.

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