Telescopic rack for formwork

High quality telescopic stands for formwork will please every client of our company. Monolithic structure with telescopic struts would be ideal.

Monolithic construction is developing rapidly, so the front telescopic formwork for slab is widely used. These products allow you to get any on the contour and the thickness of the slab between floors, without resorting to cranes, which previously was the only means for lifting the plates with more weight. Stands a huge plus is the ability to save money on the rental of various equipment, especially when carried out the construction of private houses.

Telescopic rack is often used to create a support frame made of beams (wooden) fitted on the support structures of metal for the type of Jack. The top features a laminated plywood sheets, they allow you to fill. Also device required for fencing for areas of technological apertures. These types of forms allows to work in a horizontal plane not exceeding a height of 5 meters.

To perform work with the use of stands can be at different temperatures, the device allows the overlap of a standard type, using beams of reinforced concrete.

Tripod can be folded and easily dismantled, together with the connecting frame design to easily position vertically. A variety of accessories expand the range of application, and make the work comfortable.


Telescopic rack

Telescopic stands for formwork can be bought with different features, however they always consist of two pipes. One of them has more the increased diameter, and its lower part is a platform, which is support. On the other side of the pipe is welded or wearing a special tensioner with slits for fasteners and thread. The retractable tube has holes with the same distance between them (pitch ranges from 110 to 175 mm). On one side hosted platform to support the beam formwork.

Before assembling the stand, on the region of the nozzles with thread wind the clutch or special nut and placed the upper part of the section. Fixing the pipes is produced at the selected height, for this purpose, the earring or a special type of rod in the slot and use the nut or clutch for support.


Telescopic rack

Telescopic strut for formwork, the price of which in our company will be pleased with, and meets the quality standards and requirements. The execution of the thread occurs by rolling methodology: because the metal is deformed, it gets even more density and tensile strength.

Nut for a bearing made of ductile iron, since the properties of this material allow us to carry out components of the walls of small thickness. Such details are capable of withstanding shock loads. There are models with the presence of shells, which play the role of protection of naturitalia from mud contamination. Run stand with open and hidden thread type.

The surface of products is dyed using the dyes nitro enamel or powder type. Also produced the structural components with a galvanized surface, this further increases the service life.


Telescopic rack

In building quite extensively used front telescopic casing, its dimensions vary due to the composition of the two sections. This allows you to mark the length of the product, for each product separately. The up function at greater elevation directly affects the ability to withstand the weight, and the higher the climb, the less weight to lift is recommended.

With the aim of pouring the floor slabs between the floors in the 20-30 cm and at a height not exceeding more than 3 m, the rack will be of suitable standard type. Their length and from 3.1 to 4.2 meters, the average thickness of the metal is equal to 2-2,5 mm.

Telescopic rack for formwork ceiling at a height of 3-4 m and the execution of a thicker slab (30-40 cm) are created with the supports of a reinforced type. They can carry a stronger load, for example, a counter with a length of 3.9 m and a diameter of the pipe 76, 60 mm can bear weight up to 4000 kg.

Moreover, these stands do not have a curtain weight, it is usually not crossing over the weight category 20 kg, so one or two workers can complete the installation without special tools and equipment.

The application is not limited to the maintenance of ceilings between floors, possible different usage in many of the stages of the construction of buildings, repairs.

The strut is also used as:

  • placed on a raised platform for receiving cargo;
  • design for support during the period of dismantling Razborov horizontal components of buildings.

Front telescopic casing in such a way that you can have, has a lot of positive qualities:

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • the possibility of saving on expensive equipment;
  • the relatively light weight;
  • a high degree of quality;
  • the ability to hold high loads.

Coating racks

The rack is painted with powder dyes are secured from destruction. This type of paint is resistant to all weather conditions and durable. Accordingly, significantly prolongs the service life of the telescopic beams.

Galvanized metals have long been used in various fields, including in construction, since such a treatment gives good results, increasing service metal, and giving it the anti-corrosion.

Our company produces only high quality products that comply to all standards and requirements. This information is confirmed by all necessary certificates.

About our products

Fabrication of all components of telescopic pillars designed for formwork is performed on high-quality and modern equipment. All production steps are automated, allowing just consistently high-quality products without defects.

Our positives:

  • we manufacture all the ordered for a small period of time;
  • long-term experience in the market allowed us to understand the requirements of the construction sector;
  • permanent control of compliance of all parts of the structure;
  • modern methods of manufacture.
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