Manufacturer tripod for formwork

Manufacturer tripod uniwiki in our company passes all the requirements, while respecting all the rules. That is why high quality product is guaranteed.

Tripod is a support mechanism, which is ideal for monolithic construction. Using this mechanism it is possible to successfully capture the design and to support in vertical position a variety of building appliances. For these purposes, and used a tripod for formwork and its use.

Tripod for formwork

Tripod for formwork, buy offered by our company, has three pivot points that allow you to increase the resistance to various kinds of loads. These points allow you to securely fix the design. The device has a fairly compact dimensions, which gives the opportunity for the perfect job even in a limited area. This element enables you to evenly distribute the load over the entire plane on which it is installed, but the main thing you need to properly set the tripod so the angle was the same, which will ensure maximum stability of the structure as a whole.

It is an ideal device that can be installed on any terrain: in a small space, corner or even against the wall. This element corresponds to such positive qualities as:

  • security;
  • reliability;
  • the mechanical stability.

In modern construction tripod because of its technical characteristics are used for different purposes:

  • is ideal for a variety of precision instruments, optical and measuring type;
  • any restoration work is not a problem;
  • helps keep emergency construction;
  • for monolithic construction it is simply irreplaceable;
  • used to maintain support stands that are used during filling of formwork.

Tripod for formwork in our company

Tripod for formwork

Our company operates in the market for quite a long time and are ready to provide each customer with a high quality tripod for formwork, which are made in a very short time thanks to the automated line and ability to produce. All our products has certificates of quality, so will last for many years. Manufacturer tripod uniwiki is in accordance with all regulations and with observance of technologies.

With us is profitable to cooperate not only the common man but also to large construction companies and people who work in them. We provide prompt delivery in any quantity directly to the destination. The prices of our products competitive, so we always come back again and again. Moreover, for a long period of time on the market, we were able to win the trust of large organizations and day-to-day received the recommendation of many big builders.

Product specifications

Before purchasing we recommend every customer to pay attention to certain characteristics tripod for formwork:

  1. All materials used tripod are compact, so can easily be folded and, if necessary, decomposed.
  2. The tripod is easy to carry from place to place and set at the required space.
  3. The product has high resistance to various weather phenomena, so a tripod univille not rust, rot. Performance tripod increase, and it will last for many years.
  4. Tripod for formwork are not subject to deformation and does not bend. Fixation is reliable enough.
  5. The light weight design allows you to carry it from place to place, thus not making any effort.

Many construction companies have already managed to appreciate all of the positive side of the tripod, since it allows in the shortest possible time to build this massive structure, regardless of their complexity. Now everyone will be able to realize the most daring architectural solutions.

Tripod for formwork in concrete construction

Tripod for formwork

During the construction of monolithic concrete structures cast type with a special element of the formwork is a special tripod, which creates a sturdy upright strut mount without offsets. Tripod for formwork has three legs-stops and is a universal device because it easily disassembled.


To provide increased reliability and strength of tripod, our experts use metal profile with a square cross-section uncovered by the protective coating protecting a product against corrosion. The reliability of the coating allows to increase the operating life and thus lower the cost of purchasing other products.

Features tripod for formwork

The whole design is thought possible, therefore, to assemble the product in a matter of minutes, without any special effort. To lock the strut in the center of the device is a special device (capture). Stable object for support of the formwork created at the moment of fixing of the rack in assembled position.

Transportation tripod

As a rule, transportation of goods takes much time and effort. Tripod for formwork, the price of which loyal, folds compactly and in such a mind does not occupy much space, so it is possible not only to carry on the necessary object and to store until the next construction project.

The use of a tripod construction

During Assembly of the tripod stands of the formwork used in joints, and two plates neatly attached to the legs of the tripod, which have guide angles (vertical and horizontal). After that, rack-jacks are attached to the plate. This kind of wedge clamp-lock adjustable type. If necessary, the footprint of the tripod can be adjusted, if you push and move the legs. This fact is convenient if the device must be installed as close as possible to the wall.

Our company offers all its clients to purchase tripod for formwork of high quality in any quantity. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone and our experienced consultants will answer all your questions and help you to make a choice and make the order. Shipping is done as quickly as possible, so your product you can get at the time.

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