Univille for formwork

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The construction of monolithic buildings are becoming more popular in the construction industry. Monolithic works are inextricably linked with the use of universal plugs (uniwiki), which is a key element in a slab formwork used in concrete construction.

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Concept formwork

Formwork is popular with the creation of foundations and bases of buildings, structures on construction sites. In our days a huge popularity the method of construction of monolithic buildings, which is a phased construction of the casing and subsequently filling it with concrete. So is being built floor by floor, after which the formwork is disassembled. There are two types of formwork:

  • wood;
  • iron-synthetic.

Each of them is characterized by reliability and durability.


Univille is a special device that is intended for firm attachment beams in the upper part of the vertical bulk racks-slab formwork. It performs the function of the latch, excluding transverse displacement of a beam and ensures the reliability and strength of the connections of the beams at the point of location of the vertical support.

Univille rack

Univille for formwork is used as an auxiliary guide and supports one or more beams.

Universal plug consists of a platform and four vertical corner edges (also called horns). Metal profile is made from a rib, provides them with ease and simplicity.


Univille for formwork, the price of which is unusual, is characterized, in addition, a number of advantages:

  • reliability;
  • easy to use;
  • strength;
  • light weight;
  • quick Assembly and disassembly.

The main indicator universal plug during operation is convenience and reliability of the construction for pouring the concrete. High strength Unimilk, whose dimensions are 325х214х134 mm, is able to capture a different number of links in beams formwork.

Univille rack

Installation this part is easy and simple. It mounts on the strut, which is mounted on the tripod. Stand-Jack rises to full and dense retention beams. Properly installed univille promotes uniform distribution of pressure on opalanie support.

Today, manufacturers offer a universal plug galvanized and painted.

Through the use of this strong element in the monolithic housing construction significantly reduced the time of construction work because the possibility of simultaneous thorough fixing of several beams.

Technical indicators

Univille is an element of the superstructure formwork, so many builders call it “crown” for formwork. Univille provides a sturdy upright beams.

This design is a metallic plane, the thickness of which is 5mm, and the fastening device for the stand. Welded horns provide the rigidity and reliability of the items.

Choosing a universal plug, you should be aware of the existence of several species, including large and small uniwiki.

Standard item, used for opalubka ceiling, has the following specifications:

  • a small weight (about 2 kg);
  • the basis is a steel plate;
  • ribs – four profiled segment whose length is 21.4 mm;
  • the presence of three types of focus: a profile under a bar in the shape of the tray, corners with holes for fixing pins.

Where to buy?

Univille rack

Many manufacturing and construction firms today, the production and sale of the formwork. Companies sell or lease, both new and used components for telescopic and voluminous racks of a timbering, among which a universal plug for formwork.

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